Just a wish...

Ever since I was little I wanted to play the piano, and these days my desire is just getting bigger and bigger, today I decided I want to buy a Yamaha Keyboard for my birthday, I really can't wait for my birthday to come, just 1 month and a half to wait!
Hope my dream will come true because I really really really want it... I think the model I want is Yamaha PSR-e413, but if you recommend me something better for me, feel free to tell me.
I just adore the sounds that a piano can make... it's simply lovely. And there are plenty of songs that I hardly wait to learn, hope everything will be alright till then and nothing interferes with it. I already downloaded a couple of piano sheets , the keyboard is the only one missing , so little one, i'm waiting for you :X

Here is a song played on the piano from youtube, it's called

Metallica - Turn the page [thanks Bam for showing it to me :X]

Mad World - Gary Jules

and Coldplay - Scientists

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