I recently studied about limericks... so here's my try of one.

There was a teenage girl in Bucharest
With a big pain aching in her chest
But she always took the pills
To reach at the far away hills
This was the young girl of Bucharest.



Tu ai distrus visul infantil
Cu dulce albastru de metil
Crezand ca iti este inutil
Egoist,tu esti fiind ostil
Arzand cu gheata visul gentil
Sunt doar un rupt suflet futil.


From ten to one...

From ten to one
I thought… I knew all about us and about you.
But I was all mistaken, because it wasn’t true.
All the things were just innocent white lies.
Going deeper, fading, as time slowly dies.
Remember me as and old memory.
Cause this memory is a newbie.
Too soon to know everything.
Too late for changhing.
Go away now.
Broken promises.