Touch, See, Smell, Taste
All those senses we have and need to cherish… how we can feel the sea breeze or the wind on our skin walking through a warm spring day, how we can see an amazing sunset on the sky, how we can smell the scent of freshness on the top of a mountain…
Touching her, feeling the warmth of her body, the way that her skin feels when you put your hand on hers. Feeling pain when someone hurts you, feeling how your heart aches when you can’t reach to the one you want, feeling hopeless when you chase for a long time for something… and out of nowhere your dreams are nourished, feeling the hot water pouring on your skin when you’re taking a shower, feeling the warmth in your soul when someone is very close to you.
Seeing your friends, seeing everything around you, seeing the sunrise on a beach, being able to see someone you care about smiling, it’s a gift we often forget to thank for.
Smelling the summer rain in the middle of august, smelling fresh baked bread and having the possibility to enjoy the perfume of your loved one skin.
Tasting a juicy and sweet peach, the way how we can take a bite out of an ice cream and savoir it while it’s melting in your mouth makes me realize that we really do not know how to enjoy the little things in life, the things that we don’t even think about as being important.
Touch, see, smell and taste!(you should enjoy that everyday)