Âme perdue

Dreams. Thoughts. Hopes. All the things that any person ought to have at some point. There’s not a soul that doesn’t daydream or wish for something... What do you dream about? Do you even stop and give you’re dreams some time? I daydream about being different, being me and not them, being a wonderful painter, being someone, being small, being better, being wiser, being the best I can be. But if I dream so much why am I not any of these things?
Deceive. Swindle. Cheat. Yes, that is what dreams are, lying to ourselves that one day everything will be just the way we want it to be. And that because we crave for more and more and always more but we never say “I’m happy with what I have!”. How often do you say “ What if… ?”, we always think what would have happen if things were different but how about being grateful for what we have? There will constantly be something better than what we dream, and something less better.
I always express myself by writing, but it’s hard to speak everything out loud, I cover myself in a big smile, in hidden hopes. Even if dreams are fake, I still dream, I can’t live without dreaming… Maybe this is the way we can make our lives happier, we lie to ourselves.
Some days you feel empty and some others you just need a big warm hug, it’s natural. I would really like to be able to transform all my wishes into real facts… but it’s impossible to realize everything we desire. There’s always the word “choice”. And we don’t make all the time the right choices, but I try to make the best I can. I don’t give everything I have because I’m afraid of losing it. I try to find the good in all the things but often I find myself lost…
People cover their pain in ignorance and treat each other like the others treated them. We respond in the same way that we receive. Is there any chance to change the world? Can we be better, can we act the best that we can? Do we give everything that we could?
Take me as I am… when I’m right, when I’m wrong… when I’m joyful, when I’m sad, when I’m childish, when I’m shy, when I’m angry, when I’m dreamy, when I don’t talk, when I act like nuts, when I sing, when I draw, when I paint, when I write… It’s all me. Just me, all the way :)