Call of death

I've got my feet drown in mud and my head covered in dirt, heart full of pain and thoughts of anger. Can't understand anything around this world... everything feels like a jungle of lies. A road of hatred and people that don't tresure the little things and only think of themselves. It's an unwritten law...
Un suflet pierdut printre atatea lucruri, printre frunze mucegaite si copaci uscati, fara viata si taiati in mii de bucati... just want to belong somewhere...just want to be wanted.. I give everything in me, every breath, every step, every drop of blood of mine.... is that too much to ask? A sign of belonging... of understanding... A kitten's crying I hear in my dreams, it makes me shiver and cry, she's lonely and deserted in a world full of hate, mean people and lost souls. I've found myself drowning in all of this, trying to escape, trying not to be like everyone else... trying to change, trying to find the right way, when will that be and how should I know it's the good one? Only a sign.... a call of death.

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