One girl's dream

The sky rained death and new born faith, it shivered the earth and gathered the late clouds under the big shadow of the moon. Cried some tears for the unknown and then made a river of the moments that she couldn't take with her and let all her memories vanish in all those bloody tears. The shadow of what she used to be was long-time lost, she would give anything to feel again, to have a smile on her face again, to be free again, to have all the things that time made her lose. She's out of this world, she's hurt, she's sad, she's deceived. It's so cold, no human touch, no warmth, no nothing, it's just emptiness. Abyssal cutting bloody feelings that only makes her soul break in million of pieces. And no one wants to heal her, to put all the parts back together. She will never be whole again.
Just one embrace,
dark deadly angel

[The song that inspired me is Delerium - Fallen]

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